Playstation VR is here! I can’t wait to play

The PlayStation VR is finally here and I cannot wait to have a go and get some play-time with the thing. With the recent release of the PlayStation Slim and Pro, the original "classic" version was dropped in price in the UK to an amazingly cheap £149. But it sold out...

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Moving with the Dream Team

Ah we are finally her in our lovely new office and owe a great thank you to certain Removals company in St. Albans that made it all possible. I decided to thank them the only way I know how (besides the money I paid them obviously) by making them this awesome lil’...

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Day of the Tentacle Remastered VS Original

A story of boy meets girl, meets another boy, meets mutated purple tentacle hell bent on taking over the world, meets scientist, meets George Washington… Time travel… You get the idea. Day of the Tentacle was one of my all-time favourite games as a kid and by kid, I...

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