The highlights of the Unreal Engine 5 tech demo

We are gearing up for a new generation of consoles at the end of the this year, as long as Covid-19 doesn’t ruin any more plans. But news and information on the next generation has been a little sparse.

Sure, we will get the current gen games that have been shoved to next gen with a 4K upgrade and higher res textures, but what can we expect from a REAL next-gen title?

Well, Unreal are here to show us.

The Unreal engine is one of the most widely used in the industry, and powers some of the biggest games of all time, including Fortnite.

As a gamer geek, I love news on hames engines, as this gives us a glimpse of what will be possible in the future, once game devs get their hands on the software and hardware to make it happen.

Nanite and lumen are AMAZING, and I wholeheartedly approve of their naming conventions.

I have some mild scepticism, but much of that I think is just in the way the demo was presented. For example, I love high polygon environments, but I also know that my current gen hardware is filled by 10 reasonable size games. Add in the ultra high resolution textures and crazy detailed geometry and we could see most games spiral past 100GB as a minimum.

Of course, that’s not to say that developers won’t choose to optimise their assets, just that Epic wants you to know that they don’t need to. Anyway, check out the video above and below for your first look at next-gen.