Ah we are finally her in our lovely new office and owe a great thank you to certain Removals company in St. Albans that made it all possible. I decided to thank them the only way I know how (besides the money I paid them obviously) by making them this awesome lil’ pixel art removal van. Yeah!

Below you can see it obviously moving people in or out of the Habbo hotel©, coz why not?

Dream Team Removals Van

The guys were great and work their butts off to get all my stuff out of my place and into my new one. I read their reviews online and they had seemed very favorable and for the price it was a no brainer, so I booked it up and here we are. Painless move, all hunky dory.

I will remember you in the future when this little website is making tens of pounds per month and I move into my penthouse office/lair, but until that day I shall remember you fondly, like that latte they made just right.

If anyone has any good moving stories I’d love to hear them, so why not drop us a comment below. The winner wins my attention for the time it takes me to read it and a possible reply! So, don’t say I never give you anything 😉

Seriously though if you are living in the St. Albans area or Hertfordshire in general and are planning on a move, I strongly suggest you look these guys up. I’m pretty sure they are so strong they could actually move a whole house, foundations and all, and then carry it to a new plot of land and plonk it down. Seriously.

Well I’m off to join a gym and attempt to feel less inferior.